Cotton: MaxiFlow

Bridge Culverts For Sale in a Handy Single Piece Design

Our MaxiFlow Bridge Culverts are one of our signature products, with their unique, patented single-piece design, that include the headwall, arc and base, all in one.

MaxiFlow is fast and easy to install due to its flat bottom design, making it easy for them to self-level.  With the MaxiFlow 1200 you’ll get high water flow with the equivalent flow rate to an 825mm round pipe and with the MaxiFlow 1800 you’ll achieve flow rates of between 40ML to 80ML per day, the equivalent to a 1150mm round pipe.

You’ll enjoy no silting and our products have been well proven over the past 30 years to be incredibly long lasting.

These amazing bridge culverts generally come in 2.3 metre sections, however, are customisable to any length to suit your needs.

Find out what all our existing farmers are so excited about, by chatting to our specialist irrigation team. They’ll be able to show you how our MaxiFlow Crossings can make your entire farm run more smoothly and efficiently.

Doors to suit

If you’re installing the Padman Water Solutions MaxiFlow, you’ll be needing doors to match. These are pipe ends or drop boxes that can handle flow rates of between 10ML and 40ML per day.

Fully automation ready, these come with our famous Padman Rubber flap doors that are completely watertight and a manual winch. You can also add an optional PosiDrive system for total door control.

The downstream bubblers will ensure that erosion will no longer be a constant frustration.

And yes, we have a variety of sizes to suit all irrigation applications.



  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Highwater Flow
  • Minimal Headloss
  • Customisable
  • Strong Design
  • No Silting
  • Long Lasting




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