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Strathmerton, VIC: Padman Stops

Author: Danny

Head Office, Manufacturing Plant & Display Site

4948 Murray Valley Highway, Strathmerton.

In the late 1980’s, John Padman moved his family to Strathmerton to focus on inventing and developing products in the shed in his backyard.

After three decades of innovation, Padman Stops is now a thriving industrial site at the same location with the house vacated long ago as the business consumed the surrounding acreage.

As all of our products are 100% Australian made, over 40 staff work onsite at the Strathmerton facility each day producing our irrigation outlets and the automation devices to control them.


Padman Stops Display Site

Farmers from near and far enjoy our display site, with our full range of outlets lined up side-by-side offering great insight into the features and benefits of our products.


Come and have a browse

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